When Stars don’t align…

April 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

Recently, one of my friends asked for my time and date of birth. Next morning I hear from him telling me that a couple of things in my astrology chart are screwed up. How this all started was – that many things were not going right in different aspects of my life. Being my well-wisher he went on a lookout to find if this is because of something more than just me being a stupid jack**s and not getting things done.

So, he returns with the earth shattering news that the planets are conspiring against me (I can hear Mars whispering to Uranus, or was it Jupiter). Anyway, how does one minion like me stand against the wrath of the gods. I blame it on my parents, how could they not conceive me at the precise moment so that I would have been born in the arms of moon and the sun standing guard by my side. Just like in ancient India where kings were told by high priests about the precise time to visit the queen. Unlike the bunnies we act nowadays,looking for a broom closet everywhere. Sorry I digress, so I am sitting there part satisfied – part anxious. Satisfied because higher powers have been the cause of my failures; I never slacked (lets see the next Game Of Thrones episode before I get to work). Anxious because I fear everything I try will fail.

Then it dawns to me that it is highly unlikely that everyone in this world who has done anything right and made a name for himself, had all the heavenly bodies in perfect order. Moreover, not all of my endeavors have resulted in failures. Be it losing 40+ pounds of extra weight and leading a much healthier life, or getting a Master’s degree for that sake. Don’t most greek myths tell tales about men who actually fought against the Gods to come out triumphant. So if they can do it why can’t I or for that matter you. I come from a culture where adversity is welcomed, as it is what defines men from boys. Where the guru makes his pupil walk the path of fire to mould him for success. Even though I don’t exactly have a guru to guide me through, I do have my determination and great people around who keep reminding me of what I am meant to achieve. So though I am a little afraid, I think it’s not all that bad. After all the saying goes

You can be “brave” only if you are “afraid”


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